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"My passion for makeup began since I was a child. The inspiration came from my mother, grandmother and aunties, who regularly followed a makeup routine as part of their constant love and admiration for beauty."

Driven by her passion for beauty and makeup, Leqa - a smart and savvy Emirati entrepreneur, led her vision to develop and launch LEQA Cosmetics.

"From my childhood, I learned the importance of following a specific beauty tradition, developing irresistible sentiments towards makeup rituals that allow women to express their personality and views with a powerful style statement."  

"Makeup is more than just a look. It is a personal statement, empowerment and self-love experience, which you can learn from others, tailor it for yourself and inspire others."


Leqa's appreciation for the artistic and creative makeup and her appreciation of beauty and art set the foundation of this cosmetics collection, giving a sense of belonging.

The beauty industry should make people feel better and listen to their fears, problems, experiences, weaknesses, insecurities, and find adequate solutions for everyone. A brand should listen and connect with people, encouraging them to present the best version of themselves. 

In 2017, Leqa transformed her makeup dream to a tangible reality, setting a career as a professional makeup artist. Since then, she has not looked back, growing at every step in her journey with countless, unique ideas. 

Her conviction towards her vision for beauty and her family and friends' encouragement, supported her reach closer to her mission. 'Developing and presenting a brand that will embrace and enhance everyone's beauty in their journey of achieving their life goals'.

"Having my makeup line has always been my dream. I desire to see all amazing women accomplish their goals, with greater conviction, commitment, courage, and confidence."

LEQA Cosmetics thrives to develop itself continuously to address and acquire with your cosmetic needs.

Leqa Cosmetics commits to deliver meaningful stories behind every product in its makeup line.

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